Review: Namaste cafe – Om beach, Gokarna

I was heading for a long awaited weekend break after I heard all praises about Gokarna from quite a few people and the moment I entered the place i knew why, it’s one of the most beautiful beach destinations I have ever seen.
I stayed at the Namaste café situated at the beautiful Om beach..The best part about namaste café is the value for money. The rooms are available from as low as Rs.300, but i would suggest every one to take the 700 or 800 ones, They basically are small cottages..well they provide this camping sort of experience so strictly for people who are not looking for a luxurious stay, there is no room service for food. You have to go down to the beach facing restaurant to have food, but honestly at such a beautiful place only a fool would sit inside the room and eat.

One must eat breakfast here.

The open wooden windows might just be a bit scary at night but thats the “camping experience” all is excellent but not Indian cuisine..Gokarna is a place full of foreigners, you too might be the only Indian staying at Namaste café as we were. The 1 thing that i didn’t like about the place was :The rooms are not beach facing, they are situated at a height so after a tiring day of trekking you might find climbing the stairs back to your room a bit of pain.

We paid Rs. 800 a night for this cute little cottage in 2007.


About Chanda Gohrani

I am a huge fan of all things internet, always have been and always will be. I also try to write anyway I can.


  1. vivek

    I have been there too..and your description of the place just refreshed my memory and took my senses to the most beautiful beach destination I have ever seen..Thank you for the memories

  2. Namrata Malani

    OHH my my…this place is amazing!!! I had the BEST ginger tea of the world at Namaste Cafe!!

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